Concept: Mixing with a list makes you faster

mixing list

Te salut, prietene.

I used to import the tracks into my mix template (more on that soon), did any editing necessary, then I started listening to the song, doing any master bus adjustments as I saw fit.
In my book, I was already making mistakes. 

I should’ve started by getting a good static mix by changing only the volume and panning of the tracks. 

I should listen to the song, start to finish. All along the way, I stay focused on listening, without making any changes to the mix.
I should make notes such as "vocals too loud in the first verse", "bass too muddy", "snare too ringy", etc. After I listen through the song and I have a list, I would ideally proceed to make all those changes. Then I'd listen again, make notes, and repeat the whole process. 
Once I'm be pleased with the mix, I can start making creative decisions in regards to crazy panning, delays and reverbs, distortion and other fun stuff. 
Then I'd go over the process again, just to iron all the kinks out.

David Glenn said that he knows a mix is done when there's nothing to add to that list.