Welcome to the tutorials section of my website. 

I plan on posting here on a regular basis, but I don't know the schedule of the posts yet, since making tutorials is a little more involved than writing for the blog.

I will cover everything from the very basics of audio, to some advanced tricks. I work mainly in Logic Pro X, but, unless the tutorial is Logic specific, you can easily do the same thing in any other DAW. 


I highly suggest you take a look at Cockos' Reaper, if you're looking to try out a different DAW. Its user interface isn't the prettiest, but it definitely is one of the best DAWs out there. It can do a wide array of things and it has a truly dedicated fanbase. The Reaper Blog is a great resource of tips and tutorials covering all things Reaper. 

You might ask why I don't use Reaper as my main DAW if I like it so much. That's a fair question. 
I stick with Logic Pro simply because I am most comfortable with it, I know it best. If I get annoyed with Logic over time, as many people got disheartened with Pro Tools and the way Avid handles all things PT-related, I might jump ship to Reaper. Or Presonus' Studio One, as it looks like it really is a cutting edge DAW.